A strand of my practice is currently inspired by my research into Aloïse Corbaz (1886-1964), one of Dubuffet's outsider artists. Corbaz constructed an elaborate concept around herself and her practice- such as an inner universe illuminated by a sun that would send reflections or 'ricochets' of colour into common reality, manifested as her drawings. Corbaz herself was a scribe, or a channel, objectively noting down the images that came to her. Through and with Corbaz, I explore ideas around the psyche that were developed and put to practice during this period (indeed, Corbaz's work was known to doctors throughout Switzerland as examples of 'schizophrenic art' well before she was 'discovered' by Dubuffet).

At Sculpture2052 in Singapore during may 2024, I will use locally sourced materials combined with painting and premade objects, and invite the audience to witness the building of a small universe of 'ricochets' - as well as conversations about the divided self within the gallery space.

I am also working on a publication with the first experimental stage funded by KC Nord project grant. Currently it is conceptualised as a sort of fan novel (see draft cover in left image). To be continued during 2024.