Recent installation views


Solo Exhibition 'Beside one self' at Galleri Alva, 2023


Work installed within duo exhibition REVIR- a presentation together with Lotta Lampa at Kiruna Konsthall. Revir means territory or domain and is specifically associated with marking of territory. REVIR was a multi sensorial duo exhibition that brought in two additional collaborators - music by Sakarias Wangefjord and fragrance by Carlos-Ivan Jacobo, both specially composed for the exhibition.

The custom fragrance  was used throughout the space and samples could be bought by visitors. The music added to the visual tempo of the exhibition with sounds relating to the themes explored. 


Same River Twice- Solo exhibition at Galleri OsS.
Exhibition statement:
"In these works from 2020-2021, I've explored visual echoes, rhythms and patterns and used fabric as a visual and material 'reverb effect' to the canvas cloth. Art history is a constant Inspiration for me, and here influence was derived from studies of fabric in painting and sculpture, where the movement of textiles is employed as a sort of baseline to the narrative - stories to be studied separately as pure visual amusement. To me, the best work tends to have inbuilt tensions that achieve some otherworldly spark - as if something is about to happen, move or as if there is some pent up energy about to bring forth a transformation. I chase the thrill of that tipping point, hoping some tension will remain on the finished work and be palpable to the viewer: some un-stillness. One of those interesting tensions is that between the painting as a 'window' and a surface- at the tipping point of entering in and out of an illusion."

Eye Candy - Solo presentation / installation at Sjungaregården Kulturcentrum, Granö. 

During the spring of 2021 my studio was frequented by athletic male models, most of them recruited at Legendary Gym, a body builder hang out in Umeå. I made a huge amount of studies (100+ sketches, paintings and maquettes) and with these, I set up the space in Granö to give a feel of a working studio.  The items were placed all around the walls and on make shift tables. In the middle of the room, a leather armchair refashioned as a male torso was placed from which to view the pieces. The work was a reimagining of historical academic art studies- an alternative history and record of the female gaze.